Holding Everyone Accountable – Including Yourself
By Alex Christensen
Published July 5, 2022
Company Values

Inclusive marketing is every leader’s responsibility—no matter their role, senior status, or personal identity. Every organization works differently, but eventually, leaders should set measurable goals with a strong accountability strategy in place. Here a couple of strategies we use at Blue Pig Web Solutions:

  • We try to understand what our own team and partners represent. For example, we strive to improve Blue Pig Web Solutions’ current leadership representation of under-represented groups by 30% within five years, and to increase representation among Black-, Latino-, and women-owned partner creative agencies by 30%.
  • We try to understand whether our marketing accurately reflects the demographics of the regions where we market. For example, in North America, we measure representation in our marketing against U.S. census benchmarks, prioritizing the demographic groups least represented in our marketing.


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