Our Process

The Blue Pig way.


Client Discovery

We want to get to know not only you, but the project, needs, and requirements to complete this successfully and make you happy.


UX Research / Wireframes

Research is key. A designer will begin researching and designing several wireframes to present to you.


Mockup Design

Based on your feedback to the wireframes. A designer will begin designing the end result of what will be developed.


Development Stage (Magic)

This is where the magic happens. Developers work frivolously to develop your website pixel perfect. This is where it all comes together.


Quality Assurance Testing

A special team will test every function, push every button, submit every form, etc.  Putting the final polish on everything.


Deploy Website

We package up your site nice and neatly and deploy it to a live environment for all to see and enjoy. The most exciting part!