Custom Website Design

User-Focused Design

We design websites for the consumer. It’s tough out there on the internet. There are more ways to purchase a product/service than ever online these days. You might be asking, “So, what makes my website better?” The experience of being on your site. Your users will enjoy navigating through your pages and not overwhelmed.  We make sure the user finds what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Our Process

The Blue Pig way.


Client Discovery

We want to get to know not only you, but the project, needs, and requirements to complete this successfully and make you happy.


UX Research / Wireframes

Research is key. A designer will begin researching and designing several wireframes to present to you.


Mockup Design

Based on your feedback to the wireframes. A designer will begin designing the end result of what will be developed.


Development Stage (Magic)

This is where the magic happens. Developers work frivolously to develop your website pixel perfect. This is where it all comes together.


Quality Assurance Testing

A special team will test every function, push every button, submit every form, etc.  Putting the final polish on everything.


Deploy Website

We package up your site nice and neatly and deploy it to a live environment for all to see and enjoy. The most exciting part!

Every Browser. Every Device.

We build every site to work with all modern browsers and devices. Your site will be what hey call, responsive. Majority of the traffic to your website will be on a mobile device. We take a special consideration for that and put it just as much effort to the mobile experience as we do the desktop experience. 

Progressive Approach

We stay up to date on all the latest trends and techniques. Not only in design but development as well. We’re constantly learning to hone our skills here at Blue Pig. Ecommerce is such a fast pace industry that it requires a company that immerses themselves in it. Our tactics, aggressive at times, yield results. Your ecommerce website will steal the spotlight from your competition. 

Dev Site + Security

Your website is built internally here at Blue Pig on our development servers. After your website has gone live to the world, we create a new development environment and duplicate your website. This is where we take backups periodically and store them away in case of emergencies. A new duplicate website will also be created, allowing us to test updates, ideas, designs, features, etc. before pushing them live. 

Search Engine Optimization

We build every site with a proven set of techniques that will help your website rank better in search engine results. With every project, we have a strict set of on-page optimization practices that we implement. Your ready to hit the ground running with a positive foot on Google’s radar.


Nolah Mattress
Mattress Company

Mayan Mayhem
Tattoo & Music Festival

Fit Kitchen
Meal Prep Delivery

SBL Entertainment
Concert Management

Internet Service Provider

Hohenstein Law Firm
Immigration Attorney

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