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What is Search Engine Optimization?

As Google has grown more and more sophisticated, SEO has grown just as more complex. Placing and holding top ranking positions requires a versatile strategy built upon technical optimization, content creation, and high-quality link building. With these elements in place, your company can secure sustainable low-cost traffic for years to come.

Why SEO?

Secure Google placements ahead of your competitors

Increase traffic to your site from targeted keywords

Grow your web-based revenue

Why is SEO so important?

For any business big and small, SEO is more important than ever. Nearly every customer begins their purchasing decision process with an online search. If you do not hold one of the top positions on Google, then your competitors will. As you wait to begin SEO, it becomes harder to reach those top ranking positions.

Why Blue Pig SEO?

Blue Pig Web Solutions, California’s leading SEO agency, executes an ROI-first strategy with focused keyword research aimed at bringing targeted traffic to your site. Our advanced SEO campaigns drive business and grow revenue while increasing brand awareness and ranking you ahead of your competitors in search results.

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