The Next 6 Big Digital Marketing Trends In 2023
By Alex Christensen
Published February 3, 2023

Are you wondering what the next big digital marketing trend will be? Check out our list of 6 digital marketing trends that are sure to take off in 2023! From voice search to interactive content, these trends are sure to help your business stay ahead of the competition. Keep reading to learn more!


Augmented Reality Will Take Over

As technology continues to rapidly expand, there is no denying that augmented reality (AR) will be at the forefront of it. AR allows us to see beyond our current physical worlds and step onto the many virtual and digitally-enhanced realms. While it is still in its budding stages now, it’s clear that soon it will become a significant part of our lives, impacting everyday activities from shopping to medicine.


With increased access to modern computer vision and graphics technologies such as 3D rendering and positing being available for various forms -from phones to tablets- AR will undoubtedly take over as a vital aspect of life. Currently, remote education and telemarketing are just some of the activities relying on AR to operationalize distant engagement with individuals worldwide. It won’t be too long before other realms more heavily integrate this futuristic approach facilitator into their operations as well.


People Will Want More Personalized Experiences

By 2023, people are likely to become more demanding in terms of requests for personalized experiences through digital marketing. Consumers will expect customized advertisements, discounts, and content that better reflects their interests and preferences. Businesses will need to properly coordinate their emails, website messaging, and pay-per-click campaigns to ensure brand consistency across channels.


They’ll also have to invest in solutions that enable marketers to obtain user data from various sources and create comprehensive user profiles with the data collected. This analytics capability will be crucial for businesses hoping to effectively tailor their digital communications and provide customers with genuinely personalized experiences in 2023.


Video Content Will Continue to Be Popular

The global popularity of video content continues to rise, with research showing that users spend nearly one-third of their online time watching videos. Video content production has become simpler and more accessible, enabling individuals and organizations to carry out impactful campaigns via videos. It is expected that as more people turn to the internet as a primary source of information and entertainment, video content will continue to remain popular among many different audiences.


What’s more, viewing video on smartphones has become increasingly popular, while further advances in technology have made it possible to watch a high-quality streamed video within a few clicks. These developments have ensured audiences worldwide can easily access engaging and entertaining videos on the go.


Influencer Marketing Will Grow

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a viable strategy for businesses looking to reach their target audience. With social media channels rapidly growing in popularity, it has become easier than ever for influencers to connect with their followers and share compelling content.


This has made influencer marketing a preferred method of creating brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. Moreover, with detailed analytics such as demographics, interests and profession of the influencers’ followers, it has become easier for marketers to collect key information about their target market. As digital outreach continues to evolve, expect influencer marketing to experience steady growth in the years ahead.


There Will Be a Rise in AI and Chatbots

With the continual development of communication technology, artificial intelligence and chatbots have become more and more prevalent. AI and chatbots are impacting businesses, consumers, and society in a myriad of ways as they allow for quickly providing streamlined service to customers, even in the most remote locations.


Likewise, these technologies allow companies to manage their customer service needs more efficiently and cost-effectively while allowing them to expand their customer service reach across multiple platforms. As we move forward, the use of chatbot technology is certain to continue growing rapidly in order to meet ever-growing demands for better customer experience.


More Companies Will Adopt Omnichannel Marketing

The world of marketing is rapidly changing, and one trend gaining significant traction is omnichannel marketing. This approach emphasizes seamless experiences for customers on each platform they use to engage with a company. By bringing together the numerous touchpoints customers have with a brand, such as website visits and in-store purchases, companies can identify trends and take action from there.


Moreover, data gathered from an omnichannel approach can help companies personalize their services for different customer segments. As businesses continue to seek a competitive edge in the digital arena, more are likely to make a move toward this type of integrated marketing strategy. The increasingly interconnected nature of our lives means that omnichannel tactics are becoming essential for success in today’s market.


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